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Our 40th Reunion was a three day adventure involving a meet and greet, the main event, and breakfest at Zubie's Dry Dock in August 2014. It was a great time had by all weekend. There were a lot of new faces to the reunion that had not been there since graduation. People were seeing people they had not seen for a very long time, and alumni meeting people they never met before. It was a really great time.

Our 30th Reunion was a three day affair involving an informal get-together, the main event, and a picnic at the park across from Edison during July, 2004. This was a "You Missed It" weekend.

if you were not at any of the Reunions! Check out the Photo Gallery to see what happened. Can’t recognize anyone? Not to worry. Go to the Alumni Area to find the person’s yearbook photo. Links there will help you locate all of the person’s Reunion photos and Bulletin Board comments. The Bulletin Board contains lots of nostalgia, information about what our former classmates have done or are doing and thinking. Feel free to make a contribution! While in the Alumni Area or Bulletin Board look for this and take advantage of our double-blind email system to get in-touch with your former classmates.

If you are from other graduating classes from Edison please say hello also, many have already. We will be happy to put you in the Alumni section, and post any bulletins in the Bulletin Board.

We have a Facebook Edison High 1974 Alumni Group, Click here to visit it.

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